Getting help from an expert property agent for your overseas property search

Have you been browsing our site, or generally looking for property overseas, and you still haven’t found exactly the property you want, in exactly the right place? Although the internet has brought many advantages to our life, and is an excellent way to suss out potential purchases, sometimes it can be difficult to get the full picture.

If you are thinking about buying property overseas, this will probably be amongst the most expensive purchases that you ever make – so it is worthwhile getting the right help and support for your search.

Using a dedicated and expert property agent can be a good idea to guide you through the process and ensure that you find exactly the right property for your needs – be that a holiday home or an excellent investment – or both!  Here are some reasons why you should consider using a professional to help:

Be proactive – and don’t wait until properties are advertised

It makes sense to approach a reputable agent before you start looking for your property. Find someone who is advertising properties in the region that you are interested in and contact them proactively.

A good agent will want to fully understand your requirements – and make it their mission to find the property of your dreams. It may be that you have a very strict set of criteria for your perfect property, meaning that it is potentially difficult to find. Your agent will know exactly where to look and can even proactively approach a potential vendor to get you exactly what you want.

We are the experts

It may seem obvious – but property agents are the experts – in the local market and what’s available, as well as the necessary process required to make your purchase.

You can guarantee that your agent will have good local contacts and will hear about any local opportunities, sometimes even before they make it on to the market. He or she will also understand all of the local regulations and restrictions – so if you have a specific requirement – like wanting to extend or change usage – they can provide you with advice.

It is true that wherever you are buying in the world – the process will be complicated. A good agent will be able to guide you through this process and will also have a selection of local contacts who can help with services like expert mortgage advice.

The actual purchase process can also be smoother when your agent can advise you on what legal advice you need to seek, the paperwork you may need, as well as chasing any parties who are not moving as quickly as they should.

And remember, this service is free

Commission is paid to agents by the vendor – so if you are the purchaser, you can take advantage of this help and advice for free.

Open Markets Services Property Agency Service

If you are looking for property overseas – we specialise in Spain and Turkey and we could have the property that you are looking for, and if we don’t – we will be more than happy to seek out the perfect opportunity that meets all of your requirements.

Get in touch with us today for an initial discussion about your property requirements – we will be delighted to help!